How to Get Your Virgin Islands Driver’s License.

I have a valid US license:If you have a valid US license you can turn in the US driver’s license in exchange for a VI driver’s license without taking either the road or written exams. On St. Thomas and St. John you must first go to the DMV office and pick up/pay for an application/medical form which you must get completed prior to trading in your driver’s license. On St. Croix you complete a driver’s license application form on the spot while trading your stateside license for a VI license.  The cost for your new USVI Driver’s license is $35. You may need to show your social security card and proof of nationality in the form of a birth certificate, a valid US passport, proof of naturalization or an alien resident card.

I do not have a license, or my US license is expired or no longer valid: If you do not have a valid license you will have to complete necessary application/medical forms and take both the written and the road test.   Remember, we drive on the left in left hand drive cars, so you may want to practice or enroll in driving school before you tackle the road test!

For More Information and Questions contact the DMV. On St. Thomas the number is (340)774-5765, on St. Croix (340)713-4268 and on St. John (340)776-6262.


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